Day 30 – (Me) Shirt: Ross, I think? from college days. Skirt: J.Crew, thrifted, also from college. (Jenny) Shirt: Kohl’s. Skirt: Loft. Watch: Target. Glasses: Vera Wang.

Definitely just hit “Publish” prematurely. Whoops!

We totally didn’t plan it. I promise. But when my coworker stood up from behind her desk and I saw her also sporting a pale purple shirt and long black skirt, I knew she had to take this DADIM photo with me! I’m especially thankful for her and our other teammate, among many other coworkers, who make our office jobs fun.

p.s. Check out her huge gold watch and dangly bracelet combo. Makes you want to try it, huh? Yup..she’s a trend-setter like that. A perk to working with stylish people: you get inspired by their awesome fashion ideas!