The first rule of Dress a Day in May is that there are no rules. Really.

Many of us involved wear dresses or skirts every day in May, snap a photo of our outfits and accessories and share them via social media. It’s a fun way to inspire others to get dressy and to meet others all over the world who are joining in on the DADIM challenge.

However, if that seems overwhelming, start with one dress every week in May. This all started because we often get in a rut with our fashion choices, especially after the winter when pants tend to become a uniform.

Wearing a dress requires a little bit more effort and thought. It’s an instant self-esteem boost. There’s nothing like a dress to help you feel pretty, flirty and fun even on days you don’t feel like any of those things.

So rules? You can create them yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff though. If you don’t feel like shaving your legs grab a maxi dress or skirt and move on with your day. Life’s too short to overthink it.