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And we’re back! – Nat Day 1

Yay, it’s May! It’s been wonderful to watch as people post photos of their dresses from Day 1 (and Day 2 already!) on the Facebook page, and to read each other’s comments and words of encouragement. Yup. This month is going to rock.

Day 1 - Dress: G.A.S. Co. (no joke), thrifted. Cardigan: GAP. Shoes: Toms.

Day 1 – Dress: G.A.S. Co. (no joke), thrifted. Cardigan: GAP. Shoes: Toms.

I’m rather certain today’s attire you’ll probably see again, in different combinations. The dress is incredibly comfy, and I’m fairly certain un-wrinkleable. The dreary coolness of the day caused my Toms to quickly overrule dressier shoes.

As noted last year, I try to make “comfortable” look cute. For instance, I can’t help but wear these shoes with practically anything, fashionable or not. The husband picked the Toms out for me for my birthday this past year, and I didn’t even ask for them! He knows me well.

Looking forward to the next 30 days, ladies!

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Mary Beth’s Day 1

ImageI am sad to report that due to super annoying health related crap I didn’t get off to my ideal Dress a Day in May start.  I didn’t have time to shower this morning, which means I didn’t have time to shave my legs which means I didn’t wear the outfit I envisioned argghhhh! Tomorrow is a new day, for sure. 

The purple Old Navy maxidress I wore today is a repeat from last year, but the Target cardigan and Old Navy strappy leather sandals are new.  Not my vision, but very comfy and appropriate for the day.

I had dinner with my godson Ben tonight, and his mom Jennie was kind enough to snap our picture featuring my DADIM outside Jason’s Deli.  So happy to see all the outfits from today, guys!  

Tomorrow is a unique twist because of the temperature, which doesn’t happen too often in May.  I’m looking forward to wearing boots and tights one more time and getting to do a DADIM post featuring them.  Everyone stay warm and dry!

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This Skirt Puts Pajamas to Shame

ImageShirt: AWANA store

Skirt: More about that later

Bracelet: errr I cant remember

Nametag and Keys because alas no pockets in this skirt

Shoes: None because half way through the day my flip flops broke so I did the rest of my Children’s Ministry Duties barefooted

Ok so lets talk about this skirt… My mom got it for me from Target.  She liked mine so much she went to three different Targets in her area until she could find one of her own. You will see it again as it is the most comfortable skirt I own.You will see this skirt again I can guarantee you! I may wear it every day I love it so much!

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day one — striped dress and yellow cardigan

Day One Caryn

I am so excited to start this again this year, this will be my 3rd year!  the picture is me with fellow dress a dayer, Emily, she interviewed me for a news segment today.  my dress today had pockets, which is something I look for now in dresses since so few have them and it’s one of the things I miss most about pants.

dress — gap (on clearance)
cardigan — loft (who’s surprised)

pearls — my hubby (13 years ago)

bracelet — lenny and eva

shoes — jessica simpson

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It seems rather…

It seems rather bitter sweet that I am writing about the last three days of DADIM.  It has been super fun! I will most definitely be wearing more skirts now and will totally do this again.  So here they are the last three days…

May 29-

Dress: Target Clearance
Earrings: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlies
Shoes: AMAZING but I got them at Marshalls

Day 30 I wore a skirt that I really wanted to show off because you can turn it into a dress if you tie it differently but alas as I drifted off to sleep I realized I never got a picture…. So you will just have to wait until next year

Last Day: =( Sad days

Dress: Target with Lace that I added
Sweater: Wal-Mart I think
Shoes: Not pictured Payless


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Pretty in Pink – Nat Day 31

Day 31 – Shirt: Derek Heart, thrifted. Skirt: J.Crew, thrifted. Shoes: those same wear-with-everything black sandals from many days before…

I love this skirt! Pockets, dressy or laid back, fun color. It’s a win, for sure.

I love him!

Day 31. Could it be here already? I’ve so much enjoyed wearing skirts and dresses for the past month (OK, 29 days, since I started on day 3). In fact, I might still be wearing a skirt on June 1…

And for my last post of the year I wanted to give props to my photographer on most days, my amazing husband. Thanks for entertaining my fun and feminine month-long project and encouraging me along the way!

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Last Dressy Day in May- SJ Day 31


Well here we are at the end of yet another DADIM! Congrats to all the ladies who completed the challenge. Wasn’t it so fun? My final dress is a repeat of the navy number I wore the second week. Thought I would let the other dresses join me for my final picture by getting a shot in my closet.  I’m sure a lot of those patterns look familiar. Thanks a lot for the encouragement and sweet comments you all left me. Already looking forward to next May!


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