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Jessica’s Day 2

I didn’t get a picture of my dress for May 1st, but rest assured, I was wearing one. It will probably get re-used this month; if so, I will point it out.

As for today, I busted out a sweater, wool skirt and tights, but it was still not warm enough. That’s okay though because I already got comments at work. People noticed that I was “dressed up” so I took the opportunity to fill them in on our quest for dresses. Maybe they will join us.

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MB’s Day 1 & 2

Hello all!  My name is Mary Beth and I’m pretty excited to wear a dress every day!  I have A LOT of dresses, mainly because I like to wear things that closely resemble pajamas out in public as often as possible:)  I live at The Zoo with Katie, and I get to take care of all the old stuff at the Dr Pepper Museum all day at work.  I would usually rather be knitting, checking Twitter, and drinking coffee!

My day 1 was a little confusing as well.  This combo is something I usually spend the weekend in, and I wear tights ALL THE TIME!  So comfy.  But of course the day took a weird turn and I ended the day in yoga pants and a giant oversized rugby jersey courtesy of the boyfriend.  

Dress: LOFT, thrifted  Tights: Urban Outfitters  Sweater: Old Navy  Shoes: Rainbows

Today I almost chickened out and wore pants but I decided to pull it together at the last minute.  I did, however, wear my rain boots all day which ended up being more warm than I thought it would be.  I love this outfit and wore versions of it a lot during the 30 for 30 Challenge in March.

Dress: Old Navy, thrifted  Shirt: American Eagle  Sweater:  Banana Republic  Belt: Target  Scarf: Chicago airport kiosk  Tights: Target  Rainboots: Target

If the weather holds up tomorrow I plan on wearing another favorite combination!

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Sheryl’s Day 2

Brrr! It’s chilly out there! This presented quite a challenge when I woke up this morning, but I was also somewhat excited because that meant that I got to pull out some of my favorite things: BOOTS and TIGHTS! Yes I was somewhat reminded of my drill team days where these were required at those “Friday Night Lights” performances, but ultimately I enjoyed the day, despite spending it huddled next to a heater. (Proof of this is below!)

Note: I apologize for neglecting taking a picture on Day 1 (although SJ is my witness that I did, in fact, wearing a dress). For my Day 2 picture the light was bad when I went to take it. Please forgive me for this…I will learn to get better!


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SJ Day 1&2

Day 1 of dress-a-day was going very well until it got very chilly! Of course, that’s when I got my husband to take my picture of the day shivering in the cold wind. Today’s dress was easy as I was helping host a wedding shower! It’s a very flattering navy chiffon number that I wore at my college graduation back in 2007.

Day 2 was another chilly day (Yay!) , which means more accessories! Today’s dress is a pink and brown wrap-around that I wore with brown chevron tights (that wouldn’t stay straight for the life of me), my pink and brown tweed jacket from Gap and my great-grandmother’s bead necklace. The only trick with this dress is to watch for the wind. Wrap-arounds are liable to unwrap if you’re not careful.

In other news, welcome to Dress-a-Day in May! Thanks for stopping by our blog. For more information on this fun clothing experiment, check out our About page and Who We Are to meet the ladies. The site is still a work in progress, so bear with us.

Stay classy and dressy!


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Katie’s Day 1

Hey, friends!  I’m so happy you’re reading about our journey through the merry month of May!

A little about me:  I’m Katie.  I’m a social worker, a year out of grad school, employed by a large non-profit serving children and families – a hopelessly hopeful, absent minded, beg for forgiveness kind of young professional. I live with three other lovely ladies (including Mary Beth who’s also risen to the dress a day challenge) in a giant old house.  Also in our giant old house, affectionately referred to as “the Zoo”, are two cats and three dogs.  Personally, I only own one dog, Evie, but it’s kind of a group effort.  I’m a busy body and always have been.  I love to Zumba and run with aforementioned pooch and counterproductively go to 3spoons.  I’m kind of an old soul on an unrelenting quest to save junky antiques from whatever they need saving from.  I also enjoy portraiture, social media, diet coke and yoga pants.

Here’s day 1!

I didn’t get around to wearing a skirt/dress for a while today. After a lovely walk with Caryn and an attempt to take a dip in her pool, I ended up with this outfit.  Definitely more for comfort and function than style, but it’s what I wore none the less.  One of my favorite jersey skirts, two comfy tank tops and some fresh out of the box Keds! Perfect for cuttin’ a rug!

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What’s it all about?

1. Wear a dress for the majority of every day in May.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear shorts to work out or pjs to bed (though I must put in a plug for cute nightgowns which are both dresses and super comfy). If you run out of dresses or they all need to be washed, borrow one from a friend (yay dress sharing!) or wear a skirt.

2. Mix it up!

This challenge will help you look at your wardrobe in a new light! You can wear your same old dresses in unexpected ways by mixing in scarves, jackets, sweaters, tanks, stockings, belts, jewelry and other accessories. Don’t believe me? Check out these blogs about women who wore the same dresses for a year!

Video of all the looks for a year in one dress:

3. Blog about it.

Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress every day (or as many days as you can) and post it to our blog. Contact Sarah-Jane on Facebook to get info on the blog log in.

4. Get others involved and spread the news.

Invite other friends who are up to the challenge to join the group and start dressing up. It doesn’t matter if the start mid-month or from day one. It’s just a fun experiment! Use the twitter tag #DressaDayinMay to tweet about it. And if you’re really ambitious, change your Facebook profile pic every day. 🙂

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