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Emily – Day 6

Emily - Day 6

This challenge did encourage me to try on a couple of different tops with this skirt this morning, but I ended up wearing the shirt I normally do with it.

Shirt – Harrolds (I miss that place! I got this at their going out of business sale)
Skirt – Express
Shoes – Loft

Also, I feel like this outfit looked a little bit better in person than it does in this picture

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Emily – Day 4

Emily - Day 4

Sorry late posting!

Saturday Day
Dress – Gap
Shoes – Rainbow Flip Flops
Sunglasses – Stolen from my sister!

Saturday Night
Dress – Ann Taylor Outlet
Cardigan – Target

I did leave my house briefly on Sunday… but I wore the same GAP dress from the day before! I am not a girl who is afraid of a double wear.

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MB’s Day 5

ImageI spent a lovely day in Austin with my lady roommates and we all wore dresses!  It was another perfect day, weather-wise.  Lots of walking and LOTS of eating.  

I was pretty plain Jane today, but it is another one of my favorite outfits, and definitely a weekend go-to.  I’m actually sad I used it this soon…

Dress and denim shirt are from GAP, Birkenstocks were purchased at The Bear Mountain in Waco.  Also I look a little preggo in this pic but it is only because we had just finished eating amazing Indian food!

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caryn day five — cinco de mayo


today we had a cinco do mayo party at a friends house, so I wore my mexican dress! ole!

dress — cowgirl justice

earrings — towns and reese
necklace — diamond from my grandmother made into a necklace by my hubby
leggings — alternative
flip flops — gap
friend — fellow dress a dayer, Heather

see you tomorrow!


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Generosity – Nat Day 5

A little more than three years ago we were in a mall somewhere in Alabama. My sister-in-law needed to return/exchange something at Banana Republic, and encouraged me to look around for a dress for my upcoming wedding rehearsal. Although skeptical I would find anything that I liked or could afford, I browsed through the selection.

Dress: Banana Republic. Shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Posing with some skirt-wearing friends today–looking lovely, ladies! Dress: Banana Republic. (Pointy) shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Then we found this–a wrap dress made of soft navy material with a belt (that you can’t see here) that ties at your left hip. When my sister-in-law saw me step out of the dressing room, she insisted it be mine. It was well over my price range (around $100!), but she offered to pay for half. I was so thankful.

Since my wedding’s rehearsal I’ve worn this dress a number of times–weddings, church, etc. Amber, thank you for your sweet generosity and for sharing girly sister moments with me, among other things. Blessed to have you in our family!

Many of us probably have stories of dresses for which we’ve overpaid to wear once. Instead, have you ever paid a hefty amount for a dress, but then worn it multiple times?

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Chilly Saturday – Nat Day 4

Saturday mornings have become one of my favorite times of the week, especially if they include sleeping in and making breakfast with my husband. So thankful for these opportunities to rest, make memories and laugh with him!

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Jeans: Old Navy, thrifted. Shoes: Toms.

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Jeans: Old Navy, thrifted. Shoes: Toms.

This Saturday was a bit chilly (60s), so skinny jeans accompanied my shirt dress. (And yes, those Toms again, already.) While I’m quite ready for warmer weather, I admit I’m kind-of enjoying the challenge to wear skirts and stay warm.

I see knit skirts in my near wardrobe future…

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Sunny Spokane, day 3 & 4

May has been fabulously warm. I am excitedly getting sun on these legs of mine!

FRI was an Lei jean skirt & Nordstrom Rack top. My facebook post said sweat pea & not sweet pea. Yikes!


SAT was an H & M nylon summer breeze dress. Perfect weather & date night with my hubby. I thought I would pair it with a black sweater but went with toupe. I liked this combination better, & it was a new discovery. DADIM is all about new discoveries!


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MB’s Day 4!


May the Fourth be with all of you!  I can say that because I have included a picture of an awesome Star Wars cookie from the wedding I went to today.  The weather was PERFECT today and such a welcome change.

Wedding attire was ALLL from Old Navy!  Strapless eyelet dress, red cardigan, strappy leather sandals — all Old Navy.  I actually wore different accessories today — Wooden spirals from an Etsy shop and a wooden bracelet I got in Hawaii many years ago.  A Pocahontas braid to top it all off.  I hope you all had a lovely Saturday!

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