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Wild Horses & Sunshine – Nat Days 9 & 10

Dress: ? thrifted. Tank top: I honestly can't remember. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law

Dress: Great Plains London, thrifted. Tank top: the brand name has worn off the tag, and I honestly can’t remember where I purchased it. Belt: thrifted. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law. Shoes (below): Predictions, thrifted. Cardigan (not pictured, same color as shoes): Old Navy from years ago.

Nat day 9 iI’m not sure I’ve gotten more compliments on a dress than when I wear this one. I didn’t pay a dime for it, and it’s actually too big for me. But a tank top underneath and a belt at the waist seem to do the trick! My favorite part (outside of it having pockets!)? Those aren’t polka dots, folks. That’s right, wild horses are running all over my dress.

Nat Day 9 iiAnd my dear friend! Kacy and I went to college together and I love how after each of us has resided in random parts of the world, we once again live in the same city. Thankful for you and your heart, friend! Thanks for taking this picture with me, even though your Texas blood says it’s been too chilly for skirts/dresses. (smile)

Whassup Friday! Trying to spice up the poses here, people. Did I mention it’s been in the 80s the past couple of days? Joy!

Nat day 10

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Shoes (not pictured): Michelle D. sandals, Dillards years ago. Necklace charms: James Avery high school graduation gifts (no joke).

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Knittedness – Nat Days 6-8

Apparently the beginnings of my weeks are rather full, leaving little time to post DADIM pics. Have no fear, I have been faithful! With a knitted skirt theme, even.

Nat day 6

Shirt: H&M, few years ago. Skirt: New York & Company, thrifted. Boots: Chaps (from Day 3). Earrings: wooden, from a market in Krakow, Poland.

Monday (Day 6) I got to take a pic with a fellow DADIM-er, the only one I actually know of in my area! So glad you’re joining us this year, Megan! And I’m so thankful for your friendship.

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend's sister. Shoes: Toms (again!).

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Shirt (black): The Limited, thrifted. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend’s sister. Leggings: I honestly don’t remember. Shoes: Toms (again!).

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen. :)

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen.

Tuesday (Day 7) the knitted skirt series continued. My first showing of leggings this month, and I honestly ended snipping the waistline by the end of the day because it had annoyed me so much. Yup, still need to search for the perfect pair of leggings.

Thankful to my small group ladies who helped me take the pic and even joined me for one–love these women!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

And today (Day 8)! Yes, I cropped off my head in the pic. Let’s just say I was making a bit of a ridiculous face that I wanted to spare everyone… My weather widget is promising highs in the 80s tomorrow, so I hope to be able to put away the knitted skirts and boots…at least for a few days!

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Emily – Day 8

Emily - Day 8

I didn’t get to take a picture yesterday, but I did wear a dress!

This is today –
Dress – Dillards (love their sales)
Shoes – Target (probably not the best choice with this dress, but I hate wearing heels)
Earrings – pearls, gift from china

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7, 6, 5, 4

Ok so the weekend got a little busy and extended into Tuesday.  But I would not change a thing because my mom, aunt and newest cousin made it home safe from China and as I sit here typing that is all that matters!  However all of my adventures were done in a dress or skirt.  DAY Four: Lets start on Saturday.  I wore a lovely skirt that I got last year during DADIM but got no pictures.  However I love it so much I expect to wear it again before the month is out so I am going to make you wait for it.

Day 5: I have to pause and say My moms luggage got put on another plane than she was on so I decided to spend the night at my moms unexpectedly.  So on Sunday Morning I ran into my home at 8:36 wearing what I wore on Saturday and ran out and was driving out of my apartment complex at 8:41.  Pretty impressive if I do say myself!Image                                 Dress: Target clearance loves the sleeves

Shoes: Payless under $10

Necklace: Jade from CHINA from my mama!

Bracelet: says mother daughter also from CHINA!

Love this dress I will be wearing it again! it has so much potential!



Day Six: Mondays are my Saturday so you are going to see me struggle with dressing it up on Mondays.  Here is what I came up with.


Skirt: Plato’s Closet Last year under $5

Shirt: Steve and Barry’s

Old Navy FlipFlops

Shorts underneath because I had plans to go play on the playground with some of my children’s ministry kiddo’s Good thing I did because sliding in a skirt not a good idea!


Day Seven: Another Dressy Tuesday! I am used to dressing up on Tuesdays now! Ok so every year DADIM helps me weed out my closet.  I find dresses that I have been avoiding for a reason.  I just do not like this dress no mater how hard I try.  It is a roomy Medium so girls let me know and I will ship it too you.


Dress: Target 10 pounds ago and I really do not like it now

Sunglasses: love them

Sweater: from mom

Shoes: not pictured but wait till you see them: Marshalls


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caryn day six — comfy geometric dress


this is one of my favorite dresses because it is comfy without looking like pjs.

dress — poppy garden

jewelry — Dillard’s (Kenneth Cole, I think)
cami bra — soma
shoes — toms
son — the fabulous lemo, all dressed up for his choir concert

see you tomorrow!


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