Back in blue –SJ Day 27

Day 27
Well ladies, four more dressy days ahead of us before the beginning of June! Any big plans for Memorial Day weekend? I’m headed to Austin for a conference so the rest of my dress-a-day posts will be from there.

Today’s dress is a repeat from Day 10 with a new belt I bought at Clothesline. Thanks to Robin for snapping my picture on this lovely, sunny, very windy Friday.

Hope all your weekends are fantastic and dressy…


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Studio shot! –SJ Day 25

Spent the whole day in the studio working on the latest round of TSTC commercials and stopped by to get my picture taken with our fabulous photographers.

You may recognize this dress from Day 1 when an unexpected cold front came into town. Today was the complete opposite! It was very warm in the studios due to some equipment failure in the building so I didn’t wear the pashmina for most of the day.

Dress: Thrifted   Pashmina: World Market  Jewelry: Gifts

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Stopping traffic in navy and polka dots –SJ Day 19

I prefer to think of myself more as a traffic stopper than a speed bump as the sign in this photo indicates. Either way, I’m thankful for my unwilling husband who I dragged out in the middle of the road this morning to take my picture (still in his sleep clothes and barefeet). That’s true devotion!

Today is the first time I’ve reworn a dress from the challenge. You may recognize this lovely drop waist navy number from Day 5 when I paired it with crazy knee socks. For this look I’m going a bit more vintage.

The sheer polka dot bow blouse is a hand-me-up from my sister (from the recent closet purging) that adds a much needed pattern to this look. I love this dress because it’s such a good base to add accessories to. It’s really a blank canvas.

The vintage clip on earrings were given to my by my granny. She wore these at her wedding as her something blue. They are so precious to me and I rarely have an outfit they fit with, but I thought I’d chance it today. Also, the tall impractical white heels return!

Today I also brought some flat sandals for running around campus in case something unexpected happens. I love my feet too much to walk more than a mile in these shoes. But they are so cute! The age old shoes crisis…

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