Pockets, Friends and Food – Nat Days 11-13

Day 11 – Lunch with the hubs on a beautiful campus. Dress: Lily, thrifted. Shoes: thrifted. Necklace: gift from a 6th grader I discipled a few years ago.

Have I mentioned I love pockets? Two of three days this weekend (and many other days this month), I sported items with pockets, which carried my hair tie, bobby pins, cell phone and keys at different times. Love them.

Also, see those shoes above? There’s a reason I’m holding and not wearing them: They are super cute, but very unfriendly toward my heels. Needless to say, they are going back to the thrift store where I found them.

Day 12 – Dinner in downtown with Kaylyn! Shirt: designed by Kaylyn. Skort: Thrifted. Shoes: Chacos.

Isn’t Kaylyn way cute in her dress (she totally should post on this blog, don’t you think)? Her Dunlap Love softies follow suit with the cuteness! This precious friend and her family is raising money to adopt from Uganda, and she designed this shirt and sells her softies toward that effort.

Day 13 – Lunch @ Moe’s with Laura and friends. Dress: Derek Heart, thrifted. Jacket: Gap. Shoes: Mossimo, thrifted.

Another day of dresses, another cute friend! Laura and I pose soon after eating, while her husband tries to join the photo. Boys. Congrats, Adam, you’ve now been blogged about on a website of girly dresses. (smile) Also, I must note Laura is sporting a skirt from her middle or high school days. Love those items that still 1) fit and 2) are cute!

I have quite a few T-shirts from high school and college, along with a number of dressy tops and skirts from the college days. Do you have any items in your closet (that you still wear) from “back in the day?”

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Shade of Gray – Natalie Day 10

About every-other Thursday for the past year + this sweet friend and I have met for lunch at a local Italian joint. I’ve enjoyed our conversations about life, boys and God! Excited for what she has in her near future. The waitress was sweet enough to snap this photo for us!

Also, I LOVE these black leggings. So comfy and versatile!

Dress: I.N., thrifted (in Waco!). Leggings: Target. Sandals: Michelle D, Dillards.

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Glam on the Go – Natalie Days 5-9

I wouldn’t always describe myself with the word, “glam.” In fact, most of the time it’s more like, “comfy,” or “casual.” But thanks to the shopping eye of a friend, the past few days have had a bit of both categories.

Day 5 – Rainy Saturday
Shirt: Old Navy (yoga line). Skirt: Thrifted, Loft. Shoes: n/a, it’s a Saturday.

Day 6 – Asian Lady in Red (prompted by the comments I got that day)
Dress: Lennie LNY New York (never heard of it, but love the dress!), thrifted. Black pumps: Target, half off! Pearl bracelet & earrings: gift for helping with a friend’s wedding

Day 7 – Funky Flowers
Shirt: Old Navy. Skirt: Thrifted (homemade!). Earring & necklace set: Thrifted
On my lunch break! Thank you, Photo Booth.

Day 8: Bam! That Glam!
LOVE this skirt. I first saw one like it on a designer’s blog. She wore it in her photo, and said it was Anthropology. Well, there went that…way out of my budget. Then I saw one like it on sale at Gap. Wrong size. But my friend got one! And every time she wore it, I would rave over it. Then I got a text from her while she was browsing sales racks at Old Navy. She bought it for me, and it fit perfectly–for $5.03! Bam! Take that, Anthro. (Ha!)

Shirt: Black tank, Reserved. Skirt: Old Navy. Black sandals that you can’t really see: Dillards. Gold & pearl necklace: belonged to my Grandma.

Day 9: Gettin’ It Done
On my lunch break at the car inspection place, on the phone with my sister-in-law, taking a photo w/ my self-timer from the counter. That’s taking care of business, friends.
Shirt: A market in Ecuador. Denim skirt: Bandolino, Ross? Sandals: Dr.Martens (Remember when those boots wereso popular? Did/do you own a pair?), Dillards.

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Newbie: Natalie, Day 3 & 4

I followed along last year. I was skeptical. Wear a dress every day for a month? Who could do that? As the days carried us further into May, I was impressed and inspired. I started looking for more skirts and dresses at my local thrift store. I began wearing them, and I loved it.

I felt girly. Beautiful. My husband commented on it–he approved. It was a win all around.

This year when SJ revived the blog, I wanted in. So glad to be here, albeit a few days late. But I’m in. My goal is to wear a skirt or dress at some point every day. The biggest challenge may be posting about it daily.

Regardless, it’s bound to be fun. Girly fun. And what woman doesn’t need more of that in her life?

The photo below was taken by the hubs after our dinner date in downtown Raleigh! He’s a fan of the tilted image.

DAY 3. Shirt: H&M. White cami: Gap on sale. Skirt: Hand-me-down from a friend. Sandals: Academy, forever ago.

Amazing how different your morning face can be from your rest-of-the-day face. Morning face pictured above, on our back patio.

DAY 4. Shirt: thrifted. Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger, a Christmas gift from the parents in high school. Skirt: Carra Sportswear, a sporting goods store, years ago.

And no worries, I didn’t go to work barefoot…today I’m sporting my brown strap/black sole Tredz sandals, also from Academy years ago. What can I say, I find what I like and wear it until I can wear it no longer.

A couple details from today, with some insight on the bracelets: the silver is BFF bracelet #942 for me and my BFF. A few before that was the leather one…until she lost hers. But no worries, I lost my original silver one, and then she bought me a new one. Because she’s my BFF, and that’s how we roll.

Beaded bracelet, thrifted. Silver bracelet, James Avery, “Fishers of Men.” Leather bracelet, market in Karlstejn, Czech Republic.

An African stone? Christmas gift from my brother-in-law and his lovely wife.

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