One, Two, Three, Four – Nat Days 25-28

Day 25: One! – Dress: L.O.G.G., H&M.

As I was uploading images to this post I realized when I took photos this weekend, I added a friend each day! A secret about my black dress from Friday: I stitched the bottom where the next button would be, to keep from too much leg showing when I sit down. An easy fix that keeps me from potentially awkward moments in one of my favorite dresses!

Day 26: Two! – Shirt: Thrifted. Skirt: H&M.

Kali posed with me at a cookout Saturday. We were so thankful for the clouds and breeze as cornhole and ladder golf provided some lively entertainment!

Day 27 – Three! Dress: Target. Shoes: Jessica McClintock.

Beautiful ladies in gorgeous, colorful dresses! This was my first time wearing this item. I first spied it on a friend back at Easter and asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I went and purchased the exact same one. She was totally cool with it (she is pretty awesome like that, and is standing next to me in the photo below). I even received a handful of compliments upon wearing it, which is always a plus! The heels are from my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding, circa 2004.

Day 28: Four! Shirt: Hard Rock Cafe, Warsaw, Poland. Skirt: Calvin Klein, thrifted.

We took advantage of a commercial break during America’s Got Talent to snap this photo. Thankful for these ladies, their laughter and desire to help others feel at home, wherever they are. While they’re not sporting dresses or skirts in this photo, they have admitted to following the blog. Thanks for your support, friends!

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Green Greek – Nat Day 24

Day 24 – Dress: Athens, Greece. Shirt: Old Navy. Shoes: DrMartens from day 9.

Apparently when posing I have this need to tilt my head a good bit. What is that?! Does anyone else do this?

This dress comes with lovely memories. I paid probably too much money for it in a shop in Athens, Greece, while exploring the city with some dear friends a few years ago. It was one of those items that caught my eye and I just had to get it. About nine months later I wore it as my get-away dress after our wedding.

You can’t see from the picture, but the back of the skirt is a little longer than the front, and the back of the dress is completely open, hence the shirt to make it work-wearable.

Have you ever paid “too much money” for something because you couldn’t stop thinking about it? Do tell!

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Rainy Glitter – Nat Day 23

Day 23 – Shirt: Merona, thrifted. Skirt: twenty one, Forever 21. Necklace: Grandma.

My husband insisted. The rain had just let up after a crazy downpour, so we stepped outside to snap a photo for the blog. As I was standing there, posing, he said, “Twirl.” “Again?” I responded, referring to the photo he took of me for Day 14. But I couldn’t resist. I love that man.

The skirt is a purchase from a journalism conference trip to San Antonio, Texas, my senior year of college. Not only did we cream the competition at the event and come home with carloads of awards, but also I scored this skirt I’ve worn for years!

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Long-Time Friends – Nat Day 22

Day 22 – Dress: Ross, $11-ish. Shoes: shoes? Friend: Priceless!

I met Chelsea in Europe, where we both met our future spouses, we all became friends, and we all ended up in the same city in America. How cool is that?! Now she and her husband are preparing to head back overseas, and came over to share with our small group ways we can pray for them during this huge transition. I’m so thankful for these precious friends!

And yes, this brown patterned number has pockets. Win.

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Pinstripes? – Nat Day 21

Day 21 – Shirt: Kohl’s. Skirt: HeartSoul, thrifted. Shoes (not pictured): Same as days 10, 15, 16, etc.

Are these pinstripes? Too thick? Does it matter? (ha!) Well, I’ve dubbed them so.

Tonight the husband was out of town, so I got to share dinner with a sweet friend. I love those times of vulnerability (my house was not clean and we were both tired from work), which leads to beautiful relationship building. So, so good.

And since the hubs was gone, I snapped my own crooked shot at the end of the night!

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Stains, Celebrations & Rosey Toes: Nat Days 18-20

Day 18 – She graduated! Shirt: Gap. Skirt: Forever 21.

Friday we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate our friend Stef’s completion of her master’s degree–so proud of her!

The story from the day has to do with my shirt. You see, the shirt pictured above isn’t the top I wore all day at the office. That shirt was also blue, an H&M item that I honestly haven’t worn much.

It all started when I was applying deodorant. (Sorry, might be a bit personal here.) Inspired by my coworker, I decided to try homemade deodorant. Up until Friday I had been having great success with it, and was feeling good about it–I was going to save money and not be applying aluminum to my underarms. Fantastic! But somehow when I was applying the stuff before work, I got some of it on the front of my shirt in a few spots. (Note: This homemade deodorant is partially comprised of coconut oil. Emphasis on the oil.)

In my rush out of the house, I waited until work to apply the Tide stick to my shirt–only after I spilled coffee on it, as well. Needless to say, I changed when I got home that day. Unfortunately, the coconut oil spots remain on my shirt after soaking it for hours in OxiClean, and washing and drying it. Sigh.

Have any suggestions on how to get coconut oil out of a cotton shirt? I’d greatly appreciate your input!

Day 19 – Birthday at the Ballpark. Shirt: Naticakes. Skirt: Eddie Bauer. Shoes: Chacos.

Saturday we got to celebrate our friend Kali’s birthday by watching the local minor league baseball team play. Even though they lost, and the weather was a bit cooler than I had anticipated (props to my husband running to the car to get us a blanket), we had a great time. Note the bright pink “Birthday Girl” pin I made her wear all evening. (smile)

Day 20 – Dressy Ladies! Shirt: Target. Skirt: Honestly can’t remember. Shoes: David’s Bridal.

Look at these fine ladies! When I saw all these skirts, I knew I had to document them for the blog. Well done, Shelly, Teresa, Rachel, Tori, Stefanie and Laura!

The shoes. Every time I wear them two things happen:

  1. My feet hurt
  2. Women rave about how cute they are

Rosy toes!

I acquired these beauties as a bridesmaid at my stylish friend’s wedding. (You know, the kind of friend who’s incredibly cute in whatever she wears.) Honestly, I feel super girly wearing them. And then I try to walk, have to remind my husband we have to take small steps if he wants to hold my hand, and end up taking them off whenever possible.

Do you own such a pair of shoes–ones that are painful, but so cute that you have to wear them?
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Happy Birthday and a High Waist, pt. 2 – Nat Day 17

Day 17 – Shirt, WalMart? Skirt: Russ, hand-me-down from my grandma? aunt? Shoes: brown flats, WalMart. Necklace: gift from my step-dad for my high school graduation.

It happened again, only two days after the previous time–I wore a high-waisted skirt and celebrated a friend’s birthday! Stephen turned 24, and here I’m pictured with his gorgeous wife, Lauren, at Shane’s Rib Shack, where we did the birthday celebrating. Yum.

Today’s story goes with my necklace (hope to post close-ups soon). As noted in the photo caption, my step-dad gave it to me the day I graduated from high school. It’s a Republic of China gold coin from the year I graduated (any guesses?), surrounded by sapphires (my birthstone), all on a gold chain. It’s fancy-schmancy, and I feel special wearing it. Thanks, step-dad. (smile)

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A Piece from Greece – Nat Day 16

Day 16 – Dress: market in Thessaloniki, Greece. Shoes: Same as days 10, 15 and others.

It’s hard to go wrong with comfy cotton and a simple dress. And it’s from another country! Confession: I love to be able to tell people when they ask, “Where did you get that?” of how my item is from a random location that has a fun story to go along with it.

The story here: I went to Thess to document (via images) the activities of a volunteer team for about a week. Incredible. Hot and exhausting, but incredible. So thankful for such experiences!

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Happy Birthday & a High Waist – Nat Day 15

Day 15 – Skirt: Gap, thrifted. Shirt: not sure, WalMart. Shoes (not pictured): same as Day 10.

When I purchased this skirt I tried to pull it down so it rested more on my hips, but then decided to embrace its high waist and wide belt section with fun buttons. And yes, it has pockets!

Last night at small group I got to take a photo with Shannon, who turns 23 today. (What a young’un!) Happy birthday to you, dear friend! So thankful for you in our lives!

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Twirly Summer – Nat Day 14

Day 14 – Twirling! Dress: Cherokee, Tesco (in Prague, CZ). Shirt: Calvin Klein, Marshalls?. Shoes: Old Navy, thrifted. Necklace: Uganda paper, gift.

Every girl and woman needs two things this wardrobe allows me to enjoy:

1) A cotton summer dress.

2) A dress/skirt in which one can twirl.

That’s right, twirl. When was the last time you threw caution to the wind, embraced your inner child and spun around in circles as your skirt flew and then swished around you?

Have you twirled lately?

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