Wild Horses & Sunshine – Nat Days 9 & 10

Dress: ? thrifted. Tank top: I honestly can't remember. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law

Dress: Great Plains London, thrifted. Tank top: the brand name has worn off the tag, and I honestly can’t remember where I purchased it. Belt: thrifted. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law. Shoes (below): Predictions, thrifted. Cardigan (not pictured, same color as shoes): Old Navy from years ago.

Nat day 9 iI’m not sure I’ve gotten more compliments on a dress than when I wear this one. I didn’t pay a dime for it, and it’s actually too big for me. But a tank top underneath and a belt at the waist seem to do the trick! My favorite part (outside of it having pockets!)? Those aren’t polka dots, folks. That’s right, wild horses are running all over my dress.

Nat Day 9 iiAnd my dear friend! Kacy and I went to college together and I love how after each of us hasĀ resided in random parts of the world, we once again live in the same city. Thankful for you and your heart, friend! Thanks for taking this picture with me, even though your Texas blood says it’s been too chilly for skirts/dresses. (smile)

Whassup Friday! Trying to spice up the poses here, people. Did I mention it’s been in the 80s the past couple of days? Joy!

Nat day 10

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Shoes (not pictured): Michelle D. sandals, Dillards years ago. Necklace charms: James Avery high school graduation gifts (no joke).

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Knittedness – Nat Days 6-8

Apparently the beginnings of my weeks are rather full, leaving little time to post DADIM pics. Have no fear, I have been faithful! With a knitted skirt theme, even.

Nat day 6

Shirt: H&M, few years ago. Skirt: New York & Company, thrifted. Boots: Chaps (from Day 3). Earrings: wooden, from a market in Krakow, Poland.

Monday (Day 6) I got to take a pic with a fellow DADIM-er, the only one I actually know of in my area! So glad you’re joining us this year, Megan! And I’m so thankful for your friendship.

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend's sister. Shoes: Toms (again!).

Shirt (red): super cheap at a mall store in Prague, CZ. Shirt (black): The Limited, thrifted. Skirt: Mixit, hand-me-down from a friend’s sister. Leggings: I honestly don’t remember. Shoes: Toms (again!).

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen. :)

What happens when you take your DADIM pic w/ small group peeps in your kitchen.

Tuesday (Day 7) the knitted skirt series continued. My first showing of leggings this month, and I honestly ended snipping the waistline by the end of the day because it had annoyed me so much. Yup, still need to search for the perfect pair of leggings.

Thankful to my small group ladies who helped me take the pic and even joined me for one–love these women!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

Jacket: Gap, hand-me-down. Shirt: H&M. Skirt: Old Navy, hand-me-down. Boots: Chaps again!

And today (Day 8)! Yes, I cropped off my head in the pic. Let’s just say I was making a bit of a ridiculous face that I wanted to spare everyone… My weather widget is promising highs in the 80s tomorrow, so I hope to be able to put away the knitted skirts and boots…at least for a few days!

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Generosity – Nat Day 5

A little more than three years ago we were in a mall somewhere in Alabama. My sister-in-law needed to return/exchange something at Banana Republic, and encouraged me to look around for a dress for my upcoming wedding rehearsal. Although skeptical I would find anything that I liked or could afford, I browsed through the selection.

Dress: Banana Republic. Shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Posing with some skirt-wearing friends today–looking lovely, ladies! Dress: Banana Republic. (Pointy) shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Then we found this–a wrap dress made of soft navy material with a belt (that you can’t see here) that ties at your left hip. When my sister-in-law saw me step out of the dressing room, she insisted it be mine. It was well over my price range (around $100!), but she offered to pay for half. I was so thankful.

Since my wedding’s rehearsal I’ve worn this dress a number of times–weddings, church, etc. Amber, thank you for your sweet generosity and for sharing girly sister moments with me, among other things. Blessed to have you in our family!

Many of us probably have stories of dresses for which we’ve overpaid to wear once. Instead, have you ever paid a hefty amount for a dress, but then worn it multiple times?

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Chilly Saturday – Nat Day 4

Saturday mornings have become one of my favorite times of the week, especially if they include sleeping in and making breakfast with my husband. So thankful for these opportunities to rest, make memories and laugh with him!

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Jeans: Old Navy, thrifted. Shoes: Toms.

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Jeans: Old Navy, thrifted. Shoes: Toms.

This Saturday was a bit chilly (60s), so skinny jeans accompanied my shirt dress. (And yes, those Toms again, already.) While I’m quite ready for warmer weather, I admit I’m kind-of enjoying the challenge to wear skirts and stay warm.

I see knit skirts in my near wardrobe future…

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Red – Nat Day 3

It’s my favorite color. This might be due to the fact that most of my life my mother and grandmother, among others, have consistently commented on how red tops compliment my complexion. I happen to like flattery and encouraging words, so red it is!

This is my first time wearing this thrifted dress. It’s made of soft jersey-type material, making it comfy and flow-y. For real, we may be seeing this one again in the upcoming weeks.

red jersey dress

Dress: Old Navy, thrifted. Boots: Chaps, Kohl’s.

The best part of this picture? Just after it was taken we walked into Pei Wei, where I realized the entire Friday night dining room had full view of my mini-photo shoot. Sigh. Ha! If only they knew about DADIM…

How has you DADIM started off? Are you loving it? Frustrated? Excited about future outfits?

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Darker – Nat Day 2

Nat day 2 skirt

Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted. Skirt: Connection 18, given to me by a friend who was cleaning out her closet.

Darker. No, no, I’m not referring to my skin (in case you were wondering), which is rocking the pale whiteness of sunless days. (Shout-out to my fellow office-employed DADIM-ers!) I’m talking about the lack of lighting in my photo, which matches the rather dreary weather we’ve been experiencing lately here in N.C. Also dark is my skirt–a brown super-comfy item, with fun belt loops (although I’ve yet to actually wear it with a belt).

Random: Yesterday I found myself picking out what dresses/skirts I’m wearing each day through the weekend. With a limited section of my wardrobe to choose from, this month might help me cut down on the time it takes to get ready in the morning. Not too shabby!


Earrings: gift from years ago.


Shoes: Predictions, thrifted.

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And we’re back! – Nat Day 1

Yay, it’s May! It’s been wonderful to watch as people post photos of their dresses from Day 1 (and Day 2 already!) on the Facebook page, and to read each other’s comments and words of encouragement. Yup. This month is going to rock.

Day 1 - Dress: G.A.S. Co. (no joke), thrifted. Cardigan: GAP. Shoes: Toms.

Day 1 – Dress: G.A.S. Co. (no joke), thrifted. Cardigan: GAP. Shoes: Toms.

I’m rather certain today’s attire you’ll probably see again, in different combinations. The dress is incredibly comfy, and I’m fairly certain un-wrinkleable. The dreary coolness of the day caused my Toms to quickly overrule dressier shoes.

As noted last year, I try to make “comfortable” look cute. For instance, I can’t help but wear these shoes with practically anything, fashionable or not. The husband picked the Toms out for me for my birthday this past year, and I didn’t even ask for them! He knows me well.

Looking forward to the next 30 days, ladies!

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Pretty in Pink – Nat Day 31

Day 31 – Shirt: Derek Heart, thrifted. Skirt: J.Crew, thrifted. Shoes: those same wear-with-everything black sandals from many days before…

I love this skirt! Pockets, dressy or laid back, fun color. It’s a win, for sure.

I love him!

Day 31. Could it be here already? I’ve so much enjoyed wearing skirts and dresses for the past month (OK, 29 days, since I started on day 3). In fact, I might still be wearing a skirt on June 1…

And for my last post of the year I wanted to give props to my photographer on most days, my amazing husband. Thanks for entertaining my fun and feminine month-long project and encouraging me along the way!

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Unplanned – Nat Day 30

Day 30 – (Me) Shirt: Ross, I think? from college days. Skirt: J.Crew, thrifted, also from college. (Jenny) Shirt: Kohl’s. Skirt: Loft. Watch: Target. Glasses: Vera Wang.

Definitely just hit “Publish” prematurely. Whoops!

We totally didn’t plan it. I promise. But when my coworker stood up from behind her desk and I saw her also sporting a pale purple shirt and long black skirt, I knew she had to take this DADIM photo with me! I’m especially thankful for her and our other teammate, among many other coworkers, who make our office jobs fun.

p.s. Check out her huge gold watch and dangly bracelet combo. Makes you want to try it, huh? Yup..she’s a trend-setter like that. A perk to working with stylish people: you get inspired by their awesome fashion ideas!

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Dress Pride – Nat Day 29

Day 29 – Dress: Market in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Look at these ladies! They came over last night wearing their dresses in support of DADIM. I’m so proud! What style, what grace … I think I’m hearing Madonna in my head….

I promise, this is my last dress from Greece. Look familiar? I purchased the item from Day 16 at the same shop in Thessaloniki. It’s one of my absolute favorites–it’s so comfortable and versatile. And it was cheap!

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