A little more than three years ago we were in a mall somewhere in Alabama. My sister-in-law needed to return/exchange something at Banana Republic, and encouraged me to look around for a dress for my upcoming wedding rehearsal. Although skeptical I would find anything that I liked or could afford, I browsed through the selection.

Dress: Banana Republic. Shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Posing with some skirt-wearing friends today–looking lovely, ladies! Dress: Banana Republic. (Pointy) shoes: Pierre Dumas, thrifted.

Then we found this–a wrap dress made of soft navy material with a belt (that you can’t see here) that ties at your left hip. When my sister-in-law saw me step out of the dressing room, she insisted it be mine. It was well over my price range (around $100!), but she offered to pay for half. I was so thankful.

Since my wedding’s rehearsal I’ve worn this dress a number of times–weddings, church, etc. Amber, thank you for your sweet generosity and for sharing girly sister moments with me, among other things. Blessed to have you in our family!

Many of us probably have stories of dresses for which we’ve overpaid to wear once. Instead, have you ever paid a hefty amount for a dress, but then worn it multiple times?