The mistake…

ok so the picture you are about to see. (you just looked down didn’t you!) Well anyway this picture is of an unfaltering, short, ill fitting, missing a button, dress that I got on clearance at Plato’s Closet. It was literally two dollars. In fact I am a little embarresed to post it online for the world to see but hey we keep it honest here ImageBut here is the true confession. You ready… When I bought it I thought it was a skirt... somehow I missed the straps that button to the back…Got home only to discover I had bought a dress for two dollars.  But I am resilient and I thought it looked like a skirt…


What do you think?

Here are some close ups of me wearing it as a skirt.  Oh and the scarf that I love simply because it has pompoms around it which I think adds a excitement to the scarf


Skirt…err dress: Plato’s Closet $2

Top: Plato’s Closet $8

Tights: Target (fav brand of tights)

scarf: Target

Shoes: Target

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Emily – Day 3

Emily - Day 3

I am hoping I won’t have to find 2 dresses very often, but I know it will happen!

This morning to go garage sale-ing I wore target leggings with a splurge (that I regret) nordstrom sweater dress and an infinity scarf that was a gift.

To work, I wore the same leggings with a banana republic outlet dress and boots I got as a ‘hand-me-down’ from my younger sister.

I was glad for a chilly morning to get to wear my leggings again. Does anyone have opinions or thoughts on leggings with dresses in the summer? Can I keep wearing them, but maybe with flats instead of boots?

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Accessories: from blah to lookn’ good!

ImageAccessories really do make a world of difference. The dress is one I found on the Target Clearance rack and though meh I do not really know about this but I bought it anyway because I liked the skirt at the bottom and it was under $10.  But here is where accessories make all the difference!

Cardigan: Dillard’s (with a giftcard I got at high school graduation that is how long I have had that!)

Shoes: Target gift from mom again oh but I love them so!

Earrings: gift from mom

Necklace: free from a random box of bead necklaces


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MB’s Day 2


The weather didn’t disappoint, did it y’all?  And by disappoint I mean not suck to the max…

It was a good opportunity to wear this dress, though, because I fear it is a little short to wear on it’s own, but I could always wear leggings with it too.  Old Navy eyelet dress, GAP denim pearl snap shirt, Urban Outfitter tights, J. Crew leather riding boots.

Accessories are probably not going to change up too much, but I will put in extra effort, I promise!!  Warby Parker Winston glasses round out the outfit today.  

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Emily – Day 2

Emily - Day 2

I cheated today. I taped an interview 2 weeks ago, and wore the same thing so that it wouldn’t look quite so taped during the live show today at 4. Luckily I wore a dress when we taped! It was nice to not have to pick out an outfit.

Black dress (with pockets) from Dillards that I got a couple of years ago for $7. It needs to be retired, but it is so comfortable! Black flats from target, charming charlies necklace and earrings.

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Emily – Day 1

Emily - Day 1

(Hoping I am posting this correctly…) I got to see two other dress enthusiasts yesterday! It was fun to see other ladies in dresses. We should do a Waco happy hour at the end of the month!

Back to the clothes – I wore a (very) old Loft dress, banana republic cami and my new Kenneth Cole black wedges that you will be seeing a lot!

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Mary Beth’s Day 1

ImageI am sad to report that due to super annoying health related crap I didn’t get off to my ideal Dress a Day in May start.  I didn’t have time to shower this morning, which means I didn’t have time to shave my legs which means I didn’t wear the outfit I envisioned argghhhh! Tomorrow is a new day, for sure. 

The purple Old Navy maxidress I wore today is a repeat from last year, but the Target cardigan and Old Navy strappy leather sandals are new.  Not my vision, but very comfy and appropriate for the day.

I had dinner with my godson Ben tonight, and his mom Jennie was kind enough to snap our picture featuring my DADIM outside Jason’s Deli.  So happy to see all the outfits from today, guys!  

Tomorrow is a unique twist because of the temperature, which doesn’t happen too often in May.  I’m looking forward to wearing boots and tights one more time and getting to do a DADIM post featuring them.  Everyone stay warm and dry!

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This Skirt Puts Pajamas to Shame

ImageShirt: AWANA store

Skirt: More about that later

Bracelet: errr I cant remember

Nametag and Keys because alas no pockets in this skirt

Shoes: None because half way through the day my flip flops broke so I did the rest of my Children’s Ministry Duties barefooted

Ok so lets talk about this skirt… My mom got it for me from Target.  She liked mine so much she went to three different Targets in her area until she could find one of her own. You will see it again as it is the most comfortable skirt I own.You will see this skirt again I can guarantee you! I may wear it every day I love it so much!

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It seems rather…

It seems rather bitter sweet that I am writing about the last three days of DADIM.  It has been super fun! I will most definitely be wearing more skirts now and will totally do this again.  So here they are the last three days…

May 29-

Dress: Target Clearance
Earrings: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlies
Shoes: AMAZING but I got them at Marshalls

Day 30 I wore a skirt that I really wanted to show off because you can turn it into a dress if you tie it differently but alas as I drifted off to sleep I realized I never got a picture…. So you will just have to wait until next year

Last Day: =( Sad days

Dress: Target with Lace that I added
Sweater: Wal-Mart I think
Shoes: Not pictured Payless


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