day twenty-four — one dress, two ways

one of the things that I enjoy about dress a day in may is, getting to experiment with my dresses. today I had a crawfish boil after work, so I took that opportunity to find 1 dress that would work for both occasions. what do you think?

dress from old navy
at work:
cardigan from old navy
jewelery from jessica simpson
shoes from toms
at crawfish boil:
necklace from stella and dot
boots from cavenders

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Litterally running around in dresses Day 20-27

So I just realized it has been a week since I have posted.  However the week has been crazy but GREAT!

Sunday Typical church day.  However I forgot to get a picture until I came home.  Trust me I looked much nicer at the beginning of the day!


Dress: Plato’s Closet… This is teaching me how often I shop resale
Shoes: Target (Love them!)
Jacket/Shrug: Resale shop I can not remember the name of

Then Came Monday! I have made it my goal to eat lunch with each of the children in my children’s minister… This day I got to eat with one of my lovely homeschooling families.  Since one of the beauties of homeschooling is flexibility I got to spend most of the day with them.  It was wonderful! We ate chickfila, played outside together, played Headbandz (pictured) and Sorry, and just had a great time talking together!


Shirt: I have had since highschool so not really sure
Skirt: Plato’s Closet- you have seen it before
Earrings: some shop in the mall
Headgear: Headbandz I was a hippo!

Tuesday.  I really did wear a dress I just forgot to get a picture!

Wednesday: Almost forgot to get a picture.  There was a lot going on when I had a friend snap this picture so the phone got a little jiggled


Dress: Plato’s Closet. (Note this is the dress that was part of the 8th grade debacle)
Earrings: Walmart
Necklace: a gift from my BFF
Shoes: Heels (not pictured) from the first of the day: Payless
FlipFlops: Old Navy

Thursday: I got to go to a baseball game after work.  It was a two-for-one deal! Which for me means I got to see two of the kids from my children’s ministry play.  Only down side they were playing against each other.  Talk about hard to cheer!


Dress: Target
Sunglasses: gift
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Walmart
Two special kids

So the children’s Minister Job is vast… Friday it consisted of posting 97 signs around Beaumont.  7 hours later at 9pm I learned that it is possible to run and leap into a truck in a dress.  I even got described as rather fleet footed!


Remember I have been running around for 7 hours before I took this pic.
Dress: Playto’s Closet
Tank Top: Mens undershirt
Shoes: Old Navy Flip Flops
Earrings: Target Dollar section

Saturday! Ok so I am at Wal-Mart shopping for some VBS supplies and this guy stops me and asks if I went to UMHB.  Turns out he used to be in charge of the SUB right before I got to UMHB! We had a great chat about Belton and a love for UMHB!!! Cru, Cru, Crusaders!!!! I almost asked his wife to take a picture of us throwing up the C’s but then I decided that would only sound strange.  Here is another classic mirror picture instead.


Dress: Target (from day one)
Shirt: The best T-shirt EVER!!!
Earrings: Payless three pack
Flip Flops: Not Pictured- They were a gift

Finally Day 27: So today was your last chance at NEBC to buy a VBS shirt.  Personally I think it is the best VBS shirt I have ever seen. (But that is probably because I semi designed it)


Shirt: Well I would say you could get one but alas today was the last day
Skirt: Plato’s Closet
Necklace & Earrings: Wal-Mart

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day twenty-three — cute but uncomfy shoes

sometimes, as women, we wear shoes that are cute, but not the most comfortable. when my hubby got home and was ready to take my pic for today, I had already taken off my shoes ANSI just couldn’t talk myself into putting them back on, so I just held them in my hands, hope you don’t mind!

dress from target
tank from athleta
cardigan from old navy
necklace from Coreopsis
uncomfy shoes from BCBG

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day twenty-two — my reliable dress

I bought this dress a few years ago for my brother-in-laws wedding. I love it because I can dress it up and dress it down. I thought the orange was too loud at first, but it seems to really work for me!

dress from coldwater creek
cardigan from j crew
shoes from “I have no idea”

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Timeless (1986?)

I remember buying this skirt & its blue/white cousin in Chicago. I worked at “Hit or Miss” it was 1986.


At school at Northpark. Timeless classic skirts. These two have made the closet cut every time. Wowimage

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Green Greek – Nat Day 24

Day 24 – Dress: Athens, Greece. Shirt: Old Navy. Shoes: DrMartens from day 9.

Apparently when posing I have this need to tilt my head a good bit. What is that?! Does anyone else do this?

This dress comes with lovely memories. I paid probably too much money for it in a shop in Athens, Greece, while exploring the city with some dear friends a few years ago. It was one of those items that caught my eye and I just had to get it. About nine months later I wore it as my get-away dress after our wedding.

You can’t see from the picture, but the back of the skirt is a little longer than the front, and the back of the dress is completely open, hence the shirt to make it work-wearable.

Have you ever paid “too much money” for something because you couldn’t stop thinking about it? Do tell!

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Rainy Glitter – Nat Day 23

Day 23 – Shirt: Merona, thrifted. Skirt: twenty one, Forever 21. Necklace: Grandma.

My husband insisted. The rain had just let up after a crazy downpour, so we stepped outside to snap a photo for the blog. As I was standing there, posing, he said, “Twirl.” “Again?” I responded, referring to the photo he took of me for Day 14. But I couldn’t resist. I love that man.

The skirt is a purchase from a journalism conference trip to San Antonio, Texas, my senior year of college. Not only did we cream the competition at the event and come home with carloads of awards, but also I scored this skirt I’ve worn for years!

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