caryn – day 3 and 4 – 2014

Well, Saturday got away from me, so here is my posts for yesterday and today.

Caryn Day 3 and 4

Day 3
Dress: ETC (that’s what the tag says, I think I bought it at Spice)
Shoes: Reef
Day 4
Dress: Target
Shoes: Columbia
See you tomorrow!
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Wild Horses & Sunshine – Nat Days 9 & 10

Dress: ? thrifted. Tank top: I honestly can't remember. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law

Dress: Great Plains London, thrifted. Tank top: the brand name has worn off the tag, and I honestly can’t remember where I purchased it. Belt: thrifted. Necklace: Christmas gift from sister-in-law. Shoes (below): Predictions, thrifted. Cardigan (not pictured, same color as shoes): Old Navy from years ago.

Nat day 9 iI’m not sure I’ve gotten more compliments on a dress than when I wear this one. I didn’t pay a dime for it, and it’s actually too big for me. But a tank top underneath and a belt at the waist seem to do the trick! My favorite part (outside of it having pockets!)? Those aren’t polka dots, folks. That’s right, wild horses are running all over my dress.

Nat Day 9 iiAnd my dear friend! Kacy and I went to college together and I love how after each of us hasĀ resided in random parts of the world, we once again live in the same city. Thankful for you and your heart, friend! Thanks for taking this picture with me, even though your Texas blood says it’s been too chilly for skirts/dresses. (smile)

Whassup Friday! Trying to spice up the poses here, people. Did I mention it’s been in the 80s the past couple of days? Joy!

Nat day 10

Dress: Gap, thrifted. Shoes (not pictured): Michelle D. sandals, Dillards years ago. Necklace charms: James Avery high school graduation gifts (no joke).

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