Ok so the weekend got a little busy and extended into Tuesday.  But I would not change a thing because my mom, aunt and newest cousin made it home safe from China and as I sit here typing that is all that matters!  However all of my adventures were done in a dress or skirt.  DAY Four: Lets start on Saturday.  I wore a lovely skirt that I got last year during DADIM but got no pictures.  However I love it so much I expect to wear it again before the month is out so I am going to make you wait for it.

Day 5: I have to pause and say My moms luggage got put on another plane than she was on so I decided to spend the night at my moms unexpectedly.  So on Sunday Morning I ran into my home at 8:36 wearing what I wore on Saturday and ran out and was driving out of my apartment complex at 8:41.  Pretty impressive if I do say myself!Image                                 Dress: Target clearance loves the sleeves

Shoes: Payless under $10

Necklace: Jade from CHINA from my mama!

Bracelet: says mother daughter also from CHINA!

Love this dress I will be wearing it again! it has so much potential!



Day Six: Mondays are my Saturday so you are going to see me struggle with dressing it up on Mondays.  Here is what I came up with.


Skirt: Plato’s Closet Last year under $5

Shirt: Steve and Barry’s

Old Navy FlipFlops

Shorts underneath because I had plans to go play on the playground with some of my children’s ministry kiddo’s Good thing I did because sliding in a skirt not a good idea!


Day Seven: Another Dressy Tuesday! I am used to dressing up on Tuesdays now! Ok so every year DADIM helps me weed out my closet.  I find dresses that I have been avoiding for a reason.  I just do not like this dress no mater how hard I try.  It is a roomy Medium so girls let me know and I will ship it too you.


Dress: Target 10 pounds ago and I really do not like it now

Sunglasses: love them

Sweater: from mom

Shoes: not pictured but wait till you see them: Marshalls