It started as a simple idea on a Facebook status in April 2011.  From there it became a challenge and many ladies answered the call.

The goal is simple:

Wear a dress or skirt every day in May. In pursing this goal we also get the added bonuses of expanding the way we look at our wardrobe as we have to re-wear, re-accessorize, and re-work some of the same pieces to get through the entire month. We also get to have fun joining in with women all over the nation in celebrating spring in style.

1. Wear a dress for the majority of every day in May.  (It’s ok to skip weekends)
This doesn’t mean you can’t wear shorts to work out or pjs to bed. If you run out of dresses or they all need to be washed, borrow one from a friend (yay dress sharing!) or wear a skirt.

2. Mix it up!
This challenge will help you look at your wardrobe in a new light! You can wear your same old dresses in unexpected ways by mixing in scarves, jackets, sweaters, tanks, stockings, belts, jewelry and other accessories.


3. Share your looks!
Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress every day (or as many days as you can) and post it to our Facebook page or group:  Use the tag #DressaDayinMay to share about it.

4. Get others involved and spread the news.
Invite other friends who are up to the challenge to join the group and start dressing up. It doesn’t matter if the start mid-month or from day one. It’s just a fun experiment! Use the tag #DressaDayinMay to share about it.

Inspired? Interested? Join us! Start wearing your dresses and use the comments to let us know how it is going.